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  1. Envisioning Experience Outcomes

    Leadership Matters

    Leading UX transformation

    April 20, 2015

    When your organization’s goal is to differentiate on the experience, you must start every product-development project by defining the experience that you want people to have with your product or service. Companies that differentiate on the experience do not begin by defining feature sets. They first define a vision for the experience outcome that they intend to deliver to their users and customers. Only once your team fully understands the experience outcomes that you want users to have can you make good decisions about what features and technologies would optimally support that vision.

    This is the fourth column in our series about what companies must do if they want to stop producing average user experiences and instead design great experiences. As we have already stated in our previous columns, great UX teams focus on differentiating their companies through design. If that’s your goal, you need to work for a company that shares your aspirations. Read More

  2. Integrating User-Research Findings into Strategy

    Ask UXmatters

    Get expert answers

    A column by Janet M. Six
    November 19, 2018

    This month, the Ask UXmatters expert panel considers how best to make user research relevant to the company vision and integrate the learnings from research into product and corporate strategy. Key discussion points include making user research part of the product design and development lifecycle from the beginning of a project and establishing a clear connection between user research and product and corporate strategy.

    Our experts also discuss the value of aligning on a shared vision and strategy that have user research at their foundation, our ability to influence corporate strategy, as well as the importance of getting out of our silos and involving key stakeholders throughout the user-research process to prevent their perceiving user research as a phase that is separate from the rest of product development. Finally, our experts describe how to become strategic and consider the benefits of having a C-level leader—or at least someone in a very senior position—oversee User Experience. Read More

  3. Making the World a Better Place Through User Experience

    Ask UXmatters

    Get expert answers

    A column by Janet M. Six
    October 24, 2016

    In this edition of Ask UXmatters, our expert panel discusses the desire that many UX professionals have to make the world a better place and how that altruistic impulse can align with the profit motive of the businesses that employ them.

    To prevent our work colleagues from trivializing UX design, UX professionals must play an integral role in defining product strategy. That is where we can add the most value—to the business and users alike. In describing how User Experience can contribute to product strategy and business success, we’ll debunk some common misconceptions that many product companies have about User Experience and its place in a product-centric company.

    In the course of this conversation, we’ll talk about how important it is for UX professionals to work for companies that value User Experience, the impacts corporate culture has on the ability of UX professionals to successfully engage with teams around product strategy, the alignment of User Experience with business goals, the value that UX design can contribute to the bottom line, and what you should do if your organization doesn’t appreciate the value of User Experience. Read More

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